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Villa in France

During spring and summer, the outdoor areas of the house come to life. They become spaces dedicated to relaxation, and enjoyable moments spent together with your friends.
This is why, when a customer wants to renovate or design an area of outdoor flooring, they need to understand which factors are worth longer consideration before they make a purchase.

In order to proceed with this type of renovation, it is essential to understand which areas are to be modernised and what style should guide the implementation.
This is where OneTile's consultancy service comes in: working alongside the customer with our experts, getting to know their goals and tastes and showing them the best possible solutions to achieve the desired result.

During the consultancy for the renovation of the exterior of the villa located in France, the client expressed the wish to renovate the terrace and the swimming pool area and, given the style of the villa, the choice of materials settled on high-quality Italian-made porcelain stoneware tiles.
For the pool area, materials were selected to address the most significant typical problems:
●    Slipping
●    Resistance to temperature changes
●    Resistance and durability against footfall and humidity

Similar problems were assessed for the choice of materials for the terraces.

Taking into account all the requirements, OneTile experts, together with the customer, selected the line of porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor floors by Marazzi.     

This 20 mm thick flooring is specific for villas, pool surrounds and gardens, and is appreciated by those who want to obtain an effect of continuity between inside and outside, as in this case.      
In addition, the surface has high technical performance such as resistance to slipping, temperature changes and foot traffic.     

Flooring and tiling used

Flooring of the external area: Marazzi porcelain stoneware tiles, Mystone Bluestone20 series, Grey colour in 50x100 size, 20 mm thickness 
Special pieces for outdoor flooring: Mystone Bluestone20 special pieces by Marazzi, L-shaped element in 15x60x4 size, Grey colour.