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FAP Ceramiche, naturally home

FAP Ceramiche, naturally home
Fap Ceramiche manufactures precious floor and wall tiles. Fap Ceramiche's core business has always been residential and bathroom flooring. The unique design of the porcelain stoneware provides a continuous stylistic evolution within the living space to meet the requirements of the modern lifestyle.
Fap Ceramiche is characterised by its white-body tiles and high-quality porcelain stoneware, strictly made in Italy. Fap Ceramiche is distinguished by its quality finishes such as shine, gloss, lux, matt, saint and silk that make each room unique and distinctive.
The close collaboration between Onetile and Fap Ceramiche allows us to offer you the major Fap Ceramiche series, for example, the lines:
Fap Ceramiche Bathroom
Fap Ceramiche Home
Fap Ceramiche Kitchen
Fap Ceramiche Outdoor