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Versace Ceramics

Versace Ceramics
Founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace, one of the most renowned fashion designers of the 20th century, Versace has become an icon of Italian excellence recognised worldwide.

Since forming a strategic partnership with Gardenia Orchidea in 1997, the fashion company has brought its creativity and distinctive style to the world of ceramic surfaces.

Versace Ceramics' tiles are a tribute to the creativity and craftsmanship of the maison, with unique prints and refined decorations, characterised by bright colours, 3D effects and touches of precious metal, harmoniously combined with classic and elegant decorative elements.

Gardenia Orchidea, based in the heart of Italy's renowned ceramic district and founded in 1961, has always been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the industry. The company stands out as one of the leading tile manufacturers, offering articles, lines and designs with a refined style and extraordinary attention to detail. These products are designed for those who wish to enhance their domestic spaces with comfortable, innovative and refined finishes and furnishing solutions.

The collaboration between Versace and Gardenia Orchidea represents the intersection between the world of fashion and the ceramic surface sector, offering customers the opportunity to transform their spaces into elegant and distinctive environments. Discover how these two Italian companies of excellence come together to create extraordinary tiles and furnishing solutions that reflect the prestige and style associated with the Versace brand.