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Here’s why porcelain stoneware is the perfect building material

Porcelain stoneware is the most widely used ceramic material in the modern construction and renovation sectors because it possesses excellent technical properties at a very competitive price. 
1.    What is porcelain stoneware?

Porcelain stoneware is a special type of compact, hard, coloured, and non-porous ceramic. It is made by mixing together different materials (such as clay, feldspar, kaolin and sand), which are ground down and then pressed together.

The pressed material is subsequently fired at very high temperatures (around 1200°C) until it reaches a vitrified state.
This process reduces porosity, resulting in a resistant product that absorbs very little water.

Sant'Agostino - OxidartSant'Agostino - Oxidart
2.    What are the main features of porcelain stoneware tiles?

Let’s take a look at some of the unique properties that make porcelain stoneware such a high-performance material:

•    Excellent resistance to impact, wear and tear

•    Frost-proof and water-repellent

•    Colours are stable and do not fade following exposure to sunlight, weathering or smog

•    Resistant to temperature changes, including cold environments and hot ovens

•    Easy to clean

•    Non-flammable, does not burn or release harmful chemicals

•    Wide range of colours and finishes


3.    Why ceramic is an eco-friendly and safe choice for health?
Marazzi - MultiquarzMarazzi - Multiquarz

•    Porcelain stoneware is composed of a mix of natural raw materials found in nature

•    It does not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), even when exposed to high temperatures

•    It is 100% disposable

•    It boasts excellent heat conductivity properties, allowing for energy savings when paired with underfloor heating systems 

•    It does not release toxic gases or fumes into the atmosphere in the event of a fire as it does not contain plastic

4.    What applications is porcelain stoneware best suited to?

Thanks to their unique properties, porcelain stoneware tiles are great for use in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or even outdoors.
Rex - Etolie de RexRex - Etolie de Rex


-    Underfloor heating: thanks to its excellent conductivity properties 

-    Raised floors: guarantees safe and practical use both indoors and outdoors

-    Worktops and surfaces: in the kitchen or bathroom

-    Interior design: gives tables and walls an attractive finish

-    Commercial environments with high footfall: an excellent choice for companies and general contractors 
Here’s why porcelain stoneware is the perfect building material


-    Verandas and terraces: ideal for creating continuity with interiors

-    Thick tiles: can be laid without adhesive on gravel, grass and sand.

-    Swimming pools and spas: can be used to tile pool edges and interiors 

-    External façades: ceramic is resistant to weathering and UV rays