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Villa under construction

This villa under construction features precious materials and high-quality finishes

Still under construction, this villa is also perfect in its bare state thanks to the precious porcelain stoneware finishes. Every centimetre communicates family, love and classic warmth. The details of the marble and wood laid in a herringbone pattern and the wrought-iron railings with soft patterns and leafy ends ensure that every element oozes with hospitality, intimacy and simplicity.
The bathrooms are designed with a couple in mind: the small jacuzzi, the shower with two shower heads, and two washbasins demonstrate the passion that reigns between these walls and the care dedicated to making sure that the house is "for life".

Floor and wall tiles used

Bedroom area and atrium flooring: Pre-varnished Hungarian Oak 60° wooden flooring, Jazz type, mare selection, 13 mm thick
Bathroom floor and wall tiles: Casa Dolce Casa porcelain stoneware tiles, Pietre/2 series, Calacatta Satinato colour, in 60×120 format
Terrace paving: Rex Ceramiche porcelain stoneware tiles, La Roche series, Ecrù colour, in 40×80 format